This site is a place where I share my thoughts and discoveries, mostly technology-related, but not limited to. The site and blog is under construction so stay tuned for more content!


I work at Trail of Bits where I enjoy solving hard security problems.



Vulnerability Disclosures

Selected vulnerabilities I found and reported.

Coder - OIDC authentication allows email with partially matching domain to register
Details: GHSA-7cc2-r658-7xpf | CVE-2024-27918

Western Digital G-Technology ArmorLock NVMe SSD - Insecure Key Storage Vulnerability
Details: WDC-21003 | CVE-2021-28653

Other Publications

Echidna: effective, usable, and fast fuzzing for smart contracts
Gustavo Grieco, Will Song, Artur Cygan, Josselin Feist, Alex Groce
ISSTA 2020: Proceedings of the 29th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis


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